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We provide products and services for the steel fabrication industry.

Specializing in structural steel and ductwork.


Joenic Steel, LLC provides products and services for the steel fabrication industry, specializing in structural steel and ductwork. Project management and engineering services are located in the United States (Kansas City, MO and Tulsa, OK). Fabrication is performed in China, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, where we have expert technicians in the plant full time to offer quality assurance and technical assistance. This allows our customers the security that their products are being fabricated on time while meeting or exceeding all customer requirements.

10+ YEARS.

Joenic Steel, LLC has been providing global steel solutions for over 10 years with extremely low occurrences of field issues and a proven track record of on-time performance. The company has been certified as a woman-owned business by the National Women Business Owners Corporation (NWBOC) since 2008. The owners, Gina and David Harris have considerable construction experience, including time working in the fabrication industry while living in China.

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